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Faculty positions Micro and Nano Manufacturing and Engineering

The Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME) at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is opening two tenure track assistant professor positions (f/m), to complement, extend and strengthen the Department’s competence in the field of manufacturing of micro and nano-enabled devices and systems.

Manufacturing is at the core of industrial activity and societal welfare. Manufacturing has matured for many domains, e.g. for the mechanical engineering or the semiconductor industry, where repeatable production of goods is everyday’ s practice. At the (very) small length scale, the situation is different. New generations of hybrid materials and devices are emerging, where small-scale effects are exploited for novel products and functions. Examples are high-sensitivity and small-footprint sensor systems based on nanomaterials (particles, rods/tubes, graphene), surface-embedded nanotopography-based functions (controlled wetting, optical interactions), and 3D hierarchical materials (mechanical metamaterials, smart scaffolds for cell and tissue science and engineering). These new opportunities are mainly explored in research laboratories, with a focus on studying phenomena on the basis of carefully designed and built research samples. To create impact in society and industry, the field needs to make the transition to applications and repeatable manufacturing. This will require a new engineering and manufacturing knowledge and technology foundation. The development of this foundation needs to take place in a context which links innovative, micro/nano-enabled functions or properties for current and future applications to potentially scalable and hybrid nanomanufacturing.

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