flow visualization inside a fish school

Flow Visualization inside a Fish School

start: August – December

The coordinated group motion of schooling fish is a spectacular display of collective behaviour (e.g. see BBC Blue Planet) that continues to intrigue many scientific disciplines including fluid-dynamicists. Despite the limited experimental evidence, it is thought that the formation of fish groups can be to advantage to their collective locomotion. This master project aims gain novel insight into the stress intensity of the fluid inside a fish school by visualizing the strain rate from optical-birefringence by using the Tobacco Mosaic Virus [1]. The student will design and built an experimental setup for imaging small fish groups in a scaled laboratory experiment (see Figure. 1). This project will provide hands-on experience with experimental imaging in fluid-mechanics using state-of-the-art two- and three-dimensional imaging techniques available in the lab.


[1] David L. Hu, Thomas J. Goreau and John W. M. Bush “Flow Visualization using Tobacco Mosaic Virus”, Vol. 46, No 3, pp 477–484, Exp. Fluids (2009) 

Scaled lab-experiment for flow visualization purpose.

M.Sc. project in biological fluid dynamics

Fluid Mechanics

Involved People:
Koen Muller, M.Sc.
dr. Daniel Tam
prof.dr.ir. J. Westerweel