Ultrasound rheometry in a Tayor-Couette flow

Studying opaque systems in a Taylor-Couette flow with ultrasound

This is a thesis project with an open question, i.e. you may formulate your own question following a literature study based on what interests you the most! A recent article by Saint-Michel et al [1] could serve as a potential starting point.  

You shall apply ultrasound imaging [2] to study an opaque flow (for example, a dense particle suspension) in a Taylor-Couette facility [3]. With ultrasound imaging, there is a possibility to extract information on particle concentration as well as velocity, codes for which are available. The algorithm for velocity extraction is quite robust, and the one for concentration extraction is still under development.

People involved: Prof. Christian Poelma (Primary supervisor), Amitosh Dash (Daily supervisor, Ultrasound imaging), Arnoud Greidanus (Daily supervisor, Taylor-Couette facility).

Your targets

• Define a question (i.e., choice of fluid/suspension, Taylor-Couette settings, physical phenomenon) following an extensive literature study.
• Get the existing Taylor-Couette facility back into operational state.
• Design an experimental matrix and perform torque as well as ultrasound measurements.
• Process the raw ultrasound data and extract information on velocities/concentrations. If possible, improve the algorithms for velocity/concentration extraction even further.
• Interpret the results based on physical phenomena.
• Write a nice thesis and possibly a conference/journal paper!

Desired background

• Responsible and independent approach to work.
• Knowledge about basic fluid mechanics and/or experimental techniques.
• Plenty of experience in using Matlab.
• Good written and oral communication skills.

What’s in it for you

• Possibility to work on an independent, multidisciplinary project.
• Working in a nice lab atmosphere with colleagues working on various genres of fluid mechanics.
• Lunch talks every Wednesday as well as monthly fluids seminars.
• Daily morning coffee breaks and occasional cakes.


[1] B Saint-Michel, H Bodiguel, S Meeker, S Manneville. “Simultaneous concentration and velocity maps in particle suspensions under shear from rheo-ultrasonic imaging”, Physical Review Applied 8 (1), 014023
[2] C Poelma. “Ultrasound imaging velocimetry: a review”, Experiments in Fluids 58 (1), 3
[3] AJ Greidanus, R Delfos, J Westerweel. “Drag reduction by surface treatment in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 318 (8), 082016

Ketchup (an opaque, non-Newtonian fluid) in a Taylor-Couette flow facility

MSc project at P&E - Multiphase Systems

Multiphase Systems

Involved People:
prof. dr. ir. C. Poelma

Amitosh Dash