Minors and electives

In accordance with the coronavirus measures taken by the national government, TU Delft has decided not to organize a Minor Event in the spring of 2020.

We understand that it is now more difficult to choose a minor. Please review the available information on this website carefully and do not hesitate to contact us:

1. For questions about thematic minors, please contact the minor coordinator (contact details on the right side of the relevant minor page)

2. For questions about the free minors, we refer you to the Free Minor web page in the Student Portal

3. For other questions, please contact Sabrina van de Velde: S.vandeVelde@tudelft.nl

For more information, check out our coronavirus updates


TU Delft offers a large number of thematic minors. Most of the minors are intended to broaden your knowledge, but some minors go into more depth. For the full range of minors available, see the TU Delft minors page.

The Faculty of 3mE offers three minors:

Free minor

You may have other, more creative ideas for a minor, in which case you can put together your own programme, a so-called free minor. This may be made up of electives, and an internship is also possible. Read the rules about putting together a free minor (in Dutch) .