Biomedical Engineering


Always wondered how technology can improve health care? The minor emphasizes the relation between medicine and engineering. Lectures, also from physicians, and exercises will highlight the recent developments. We will challenge you to solve (bio-)medical problems with technology.

For whom?

The minor is open for students from all technical disciplines. Basic knowledge of mechanics and Matlab is recommended.

What will you learn

The minor discusses biomedical technologies with a focus on:

  • the human musculo-skeletal system
  • minimally invasive techniques
  • imaging techniques, e.g. X-ray, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound

Guest lectures by physicians provide a strong focus on the medical discipline. Recent developments will be discussed based on research within the Medical Delta, a cooperation between the Delft University of Technology, the Leiden University Medical Center, and the Erasmus Medical Center.

Course overview

The following courses will be given in the minor Biomedical Engineering:

  • BM3101 General Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (4EC)
  • BM3102A Human musculo-skeletal system: anatomy & control (4EC)
  • BM3106-18 Orthopedic Biomaterials (4EC)
  • BM3108 Biomedical Imaging Techniques (4EC)
  • BM3105-18 Biomedical Assignment (Project) (14EC)

Further details: – Organization “Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering’ – Education type 'Minor' - Education 'Minor Biomedical Engineering'

Register for this minor

To register for the minor BME, please follow these steps:

  1. Register for this minor
  2. Send a motivation letter to the coordinator of the minor.

The registration and motivation letter must be received ultimately on April 15th, and will be used to select students if necessary.


Dr. Ir. A. Sakes