Replacement natural stone floor tiles hall 3mE

From 6 July to 23 August, the natural stone floor tiles in the hall between block B (wing 2) and block C (wing 3) will be replaced. These stones are outdated and some are loose. During this period, the hall cannot be reached. The walking route to the offices is shifted from the ground floor to the first floor. DCSC is accessible via the stairwell of block C. During the work, the towing tank can only be reached through the side door outside. The entrance to the outside via block C is also temporarily closed. The entrance to the IDE square via block C will also temporarily be closed.

The floor tiles are demolished from 6 July to 2 August. This causes noise pollution around the construction site. Then the construction of the new floor is started.

Transport route

The tiles are transported inside and outside the building via block A.


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