Opto-Mechatronics is a specialized field combining many expertise areas and is widely present in the High-Tech industry. This track is an excellent start to becoming a multi-disciplinary researcher or system designer in micro-optics and opto-mechatronics. 

Optomechtronical systems and products are all around us. The zoom lens of a camera. The same but then in vacuum or cryogenic environment. Or robust enough to survive a rocket launch yet with sufficient precision to make detailed earth observations. A wafer scanner writing structures as small as 10 nm on chips via its 15 meter long optical path comprising over 50 optical elements, controlled using a variety of optical sensors. Micro system technology enabling the realisation of micrometer small optical systems, such as sensors integrated in catheters for diagnosis in the smallest blood vessels of our body. A telescope gathering star light photon-by-photon from the outskirts of the universe using a 40-meter primary multi-mirror composed of hundreds of actively controlled units, each suspended by thermally compensated precision mechanisms. High-end spectrometers analysing the stellar radiation helping us unravel the mystery of  the origin of the universe. All these systems are examples of high-end opto-mechatronics or micro-optical systems. They are also products of the industries involved in our research programme in micro-optics and opto-mechatronics that defines the next steps for industry and science in subjects such as metrology with picometer accuracy, low-light astronomy, precision 3D printing, or optical fiber technology.

TU Delft - MSc Graduation Track Opto-Mechatronics