"Nano from lab to app"

NERI brings together PME’s various disciplines to collaborate with industry and other academia to work on long-term, larger, overarching challenges in order to bring nanoscience to real industrial applications. Great advances have been made in nanoscience in understanding basic phenomena at the small scale. Techniques are explored to fabricate nanomaterials, nanopatterns and nanodevices, mostly at a laboratory scale. In order to harvest the benefits of nanoscience and contribute to societal challenges in health, energy and sustainability, “nano” still needs to make the migration from the lab to industry.

Moving nano from lab to app requires a new knowledge and technology foundation that allows the repeatable and reliable development and engineering of relevant functions and applications at an industry compatible scale. NERI currently focuses on three research programs. In each of these programs, strategic partnerships are being established with knowledge institutes and industry to lay the basis for new industrial activities.