Carlos Infante Ferreira


Associate Professor (guest)


Engineering Thermodynamics

Research interests:

Refrigeration & Heat Pumps
Thermodynamics of  cycles
Heat & Mass Transfer
ProcessesSolar cooling & heating


Refrigeration & Heat Pumps


Recent Research activities:

Ionic liquid – refrigerant mixtures for highly efficient heat pump systems (Meng Wang)
Upgrading low temperature waste water streams of separation processes with compression resorption heat pumps  (Vilborg Gudjonsdottir)
Improving flow distribution in plate heat exchangers for refrigeration / heat pump systems (Xuan Tao)
Magneto-caloric heat pump for the built environment (IEBB 8.6 - Diego Pineda Quijano)
Industrial thermal energy reuse enabled by sorption heat pumps (INTEREST – Long Jiang)


Solar energy for heating and cooling purposes (including thermal storage) Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) in cooperation with Allseas and TU Delft Ocean Energy

Other Achievements:

Regional editor of the International Journal of Refrigeration (Elsevier)
Former president of Commission B1 (Thermodynamics and Transfer Processes) of the International Institute of Refrigeration
OTEC theme leader of Ocean Energy Platform


Recent publications:

·         Ortiz Lizcano, J.C, Haghighi, Z., Wapperom, S., Infante Ferreira, C., Isabella, O., v. d. Dobbelsteen, A, Zeman, M.        (2020)Photovoltaic chimney: Thermal modeling and concept demonstration for integration in buildings. Progress in   Photovoltaics: Research and Applications. Vol. 28, pp. 465-482.

·         Tao, X, Dahlgren, E., Leichsenring, M., Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “NH3 condensation in a plate heat exchanger: Experimental investigation on flow patterns, heat transfer and frictional pressure drop.” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 151, 119374.

·         Tao, X, Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “NH3 condensation in a plate heat exchanger: Flow pattern based models of heat transfer and frictional pressure drop.” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 154, 119774.

·         Gudjonsdottir, V., Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “Technical and economic analysis of wet compression-resorption heat pumps”. International Journal of Refrigeration.

·         Gudjonsdottir, V., Shi, L., Infante Ferreira, C.A. (2020) “Experimental investigation of absorption in upward and downward flow of NH3-CO2-H2O in a mini-channel heat exchanger”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 152, 119483.

-       Wang, M, He, L., Infante Ferreira, C.A., (2019).  “Ammonia absorption in ionic liquids-based mixtures in plate heat exchangers studied by a semi-empirical heat and mass transfer framework”. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 134, pp. 1302-1317..


Educational activities in 2020:

·         Contribution to BSc ME course wb2541 (Process engineering and thermodynamics)

·         Supervision of BSc ME BEP projects (BSc final project)

·         MSc course ME45075 (Refrigeration & Heat Pumps Fundamentals)

·         MSc course ME45165 (Equipment for Heat & Mass Transfer)

·         Supervision of ME55015 MSc ME Internship Project (Research assignment ME-EPT)

·         Supervision of ME55010 + ME55035 MSc ME Graduation Projects (MSc Thesis ME-EPT)

·         Supervision of SET3901 MSc SET Graduation Projects (MSc Thesis SET)

·         Supervision of Industrial Design Projects of PDEng Programme on Process & Equipment Design


MSc graduation theses currently under supervision (June 2020):

·         Ressa, C. “Artificial intelligence in fault detection and diagnosis of compression systems”. In cooperation with         GEA Refrigeration.

·         Tarantini, D.  “Solar- assisted ground-source heat pump solutions for Dutch terraced houses”.

·         Combe, C. “Polymer heat exchangers for OTEC plants”. In cooperation with Allseas.

·         Wolbert, G. (SET) “An optimized district heating system for solar thermal operation in combination with seasonal heat storage”. In cooperation with Hocosto.

·         Steverink, L. “Hydrogen driven cooling device for fishing vessels”. In cooperation with C. Hellinga.

·         Hansen, M. “Waste heat assisted district heating network”. In cooperation with Witteveen+Bos.

·         Sanchis Gonzalez, N. “Study of converting a low temperature storage complex into a zero energy building”.

·         Sivaramakrishnan, S. “Magnetocaloric heat pump for space & DHW heating”. In cooperation with D. Pineda.

·         Kothari, V. “Experimental validation of wet compression with a twin screw compressor prototype”. In cooperation with V. Gudjonsdottir


Already finalized MSc graduation theses supervised in 2019/2020:

·         ter Meulen, B.P. (SET) Seasonal underground heat storage.”. In cooperation with Hocosto.

·         van Senden, J.J.K. Dynamics of an organic Rankine cycle for OTEC.. In cooperation with Allseas.

·         Avadhani, M.. Potential of polymer sewage heat exchangers with enhanced thermal properties.. In cooperation with City of Rotterdam.

·         Biesheuvel, B.A.. Rate-based modelling of plate-packed heat integrated distillation columns.  In cooperation with Technip.

·         Gruijthuijsen, D.A.W. Development of a wet screw compressor model operating with NH3-H2O-CO2. In cooperation with V. Gudjonsdottir.

·         Leichsenring, M.M.L. Flow visualization of downward condensing ammonia in a gasketed plate heat exchanger In cooperation with X. Tao & Bluerise.

·         Moussa, S.-E.. Waste heat recovery from quenching towers. In cooperation with Tata Steel.

·         Peshave, K.M. Absorption of ammonia in ammonia + ionic liquid solution. In cooperation with M. Wang.

·         Remmelts, J.J.R. Seasonal thermal energy storage in large scale district heating networks. In cooperation with Eneco.

·         Stelwagen, J.J. A study on the ORC for OTEC applications. In cooperation with Bluerise.

·         Wagenaar, S. Feasibility study of a heat pump assisted flower bulb drying system. In cooperation with Wagenaar Refrigeration.

·         Wapperom, S.H. The energetic performance of a naturally ventilated façade with photovoltaic modules placed as outer façade or at various depths in the air channel. In cooperation with O. Isabella (EWI)


MSc internships currently under supervision (June 2020):

·         Ghatvisave, A. “Using nanofluids to cool electronic components.” Internship at Synano.

·         Hasan, A. “CO2 heat pump for space & DHW heating. “ Internship at Wagenaar Refrigeration.

·         Buysse, S. “High temperature heat pumps”. Internship at Eneco.

·         Dublashi, V.S. “Nano-coolants for cooling and heat extraction of PV/T panels”. Internship at Synano, Delft.


Already finalized MSc internships supervised in 2019/2020:

·         Sivaramakrishnan, S. (2020) “Feasibility Study of Waste Heat Storage and Transportation using Kraftblock Energy Storage Containers at Direct Sheet Plant”. Internship at TataSteel, Ijmuiden.

·         Kleist, T. (2020) “Compressors for the Zero Emission Fuels Plant”. Internship at ZEF.

·         Ajodhia, A.R. (2019) “Design and system optimization of a heat pump cycle”. Internship assignment at Tebodin – Bilfinger.

·         Doorn, M. (2019) “Modeling of the Curacao cooling network”. Internship assignment at Bluerise BV.

·         de Koning, J. (2019) “Pre-feasibility study on CO2 compression, dehydration and liquefaction”. Internship assignment at Tata Steel Ijmuiden.

·         Feng, K. (2019) “Emission control solution for TataSteel – Modelling of Tata quenching tower process”. Internship assignment at TataSteel.

·         Kimman, N. (2019) “Modeling of a heating system equipped with a biomeiler and a heat pump”. Internship assignment at Stichting Biomeiler Nederland.

·         Kolf, D. (2019) “Diaphragm compressor for low stages of compressor train”. Internship assignment at ZEF.

·         Lottman, B.J. (2019) “Feasibility of filler enhanced polymer heat exchanger plates for OTEC power cycles”. Internship assignment at Bluerise BV.

·         Percopo, K. (2019) “Reciprocating compressor 1D dynamic simulation with two-phase flow”.   Internship assignment at ZEF.

·         Peshave, H. (2019) “Analysis of the cooling process of iron ore pellets in induration in steel making industry”.   Internship assignment at TataSteel.

·         Sprangers, W. (2019) “Low GWP refrigerant selection matrix for different application sectors”. Internship assignment at NVKL.

·         Suvarna, P. (2019) “Pressure drop in wet return line risers”.   Internship assignment at GEA Refrigeration.

·         Thamban, A. (2019) “Experimental and numerical analysis of a domestic hot water tank”.   Internship assignment at TNO.

·         Vrijlandt, D. (2019) “Electrical furnaces for steel manufacturing plants”.   Internship assignment at TataSteel.


BSc final projects supervised in 2019/2020:

·         Hendriks, N., Tets, E., Wiesman, S., Bunnik, F. “Converting waste steam to power”.

·         Kouwenhoven, T., Verlaan, E., Willems, G., Wilmink, D. “Fresnel PVT solar facade”.

·         Schilperoort, F., Oude Aarninkhof, B.J., Rahro, S., Klifman, B.R., Franco Pinto, N. “A study in the heat transfer of absorption heat pump systems based on an ammonia/ionic liquid pair”.


PDEng  industrial design projects supervised in 2019/2020:

·         Ahmed, M.O.T.M.  “Reducing CO2 footprint of existing lactic acid facility through electrification”. PDE final assignment, report IDP 155-19. Corbion – Purac.

·         Casal, O.  “Process development for the solid sorbent CO2 capture technology”. PDE final assignment, report IDP 161-20. Shell Global Solutions.

·         Venkatesan, V.S.  “Process development for Solid Sorbent CO2 capture technology”. PDE final assignment, report IDP 145-19. Shell Global Solutions.

 C.A. Infante Ferreira

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