3mE PhD Development Cycle

3mE PhD Development Cycle

Go/No go meeting

Check first the Go / No Go reference card  for the Go no Go timeline.

Your preparations before the Go No Go meeting (around 9 month after your start date)

  1. Announce to your promotor your go no go meeting must take place within the upcoming 3 months.
  2. Ask your promotor who your 3 committee members will be (the intended promotor cannot be a committee member as the promotor receives advice from the committee members). See the Go No Go form for detailed instructions on the regulations committee members.
  3. Contact your department secretary to organise the Go no Go meeting as she has access to all the agendas of the meeting members.
  4. Write a progress report based on the goals you needed to achieve formulated in your PhD agreement and should lead to the results you need to show during the Go No Go meeting.
  5. Fill out digitally the Go no Go form and print it out.

Actions after the Go No Go meeting

Send the signed Go No go form together with a signed version of form A to the 3mE Graduateschool as a scanned file via e-mail to graduateschool-3mE@tudelft.nl

  • Form A1 (promotor 1 and copromotor)
  • Form A2 (promotor 1 and promotor 2)
  • Form A3 (promotor 1, promotor 2 and copromotor)
  • Form AX (all combinations that deviate from the combinations of Forms A mentioned above) The Form AX must be accompanied by a statement in which the intended promotor indicates why for the exception was chosen.

Yearly progress meeting should take place within 24 months, within 36 months and within 48 months when you are not ready with your PhD track. Send the signed Yearly progress meeting form as a scanned file via e-mail to graduateschool-3mE@tudelft.nl

Final Doctoral Education check (36-45 months)
After you have fulfilled a minimum of 45 GS credits in total, and minimum of 15 GS credits per category in your Doctoral Education programme you contact the 3mE Graduateschool for final Doctoral Education check.

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