Research Schools

A research school combines research with the education of researchers in a given scientific area. The school contributes to the national coordination of research programmes within specific disciplines, and it plays a particularly important role in providing the ‘third leg’ of the doctoral programme: professional skills.


TRAIL is a Research School on Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics. TRAIL trains Ph.D. candidates and performs scientific and applied scientific research in the fields of mobility, transport, logistics, traffic, infrastructure and transport systems. TRAIL is a collaborative initiative of five Dutch universities, and is accredited as research school since 1997. Read more


'The "OnderzoekSchool ProcesTechnologie" (OSPT) is the Dutch Research School in Process Technology. It is an inter-university school in the area of Chemical Engineering and Process Technology. On their website you can find up-to-date information about the (post graduate) education- and research activities of the collaborating research group of the five universities.' Read more


The purpose of the PhD-programme of the JM Burgerscentrum is the development of PhD-students into independent researchers in the field of fluid mechanics. The JMBC is the Dutch researchschool for fluid mechanics. About fifty professors with their groups participate in it. With the combined knowledge, skills and facilities of these research groups the JMBC offers a very stimulating, multidisciplinary environment for advanced research in fluid mechanics and for the education of talented graduate and postgraduate students.

At present more than 250 PhD-students participate in the JMBC. The research activities of the research school cover not only the development of theoretical models and mathematical methods and associated numerical tools, but also a wide spectrum of experimental investigations. This website provides an overview of the activities of the JMBC. Read more


DISC offers a graduate program in systems and control. There are basic courses like mathematical Models of Systems, Design Methods for Control Systems, Systems and Control Theory of Nonlinear Systems, System Identification for Control. Or examples of specialised courses like Model Predictive Control, Linear Matrix Inequalities in Control, Modeling and Control of Hybrid Systems, Fuzzy and Neural Control. Read more

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is a Graduate School in the field of engineering mechanics. Read more

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