Upcoming Events

PhD Sports Event

In for some sports? Join the 3mE PhD sports event on Friday, June 10th. The afternoon will be dedicated to blow off some steam in a competition involving a mix of team sports and 'dutch kermis' sports , followed by a well-deserved BBQ.

No sporting talent is required, the goals of the event is to have fun!

Check here for more infomation!

Please subscribe as soon as possible, by filling in the Registration Form (individually or as a team). Subscription deadline is Tuesday June 7th.

Date & Time

June 10th, 2022

Sports competition: 14.30~17.30

BBQ: 18.00~20:00


Sports competition: at the Sporthal Tanthof (Henk van Riessenlaan 5, 2626 AB)
BBQ: at the Lagerhusych (Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD)

Past Events

3mE PhD Career Shaping Event

On May the 13th, we will have a Career Shaping Event which aims to provide insight into possible career options and network opportunities for the current PhD candidates. To make you aware of how you can use your gained skills in different career options, we invited several graduated 3mE PhD alumni from different backgrounds (technical-, consultancy-, banking-, publishing-, insurance companies, governmental institution, start-ups, research institutes) to share their career stories.  This diverse setup aims to help PhD candidates understand the skill sets each of these organizations are looking for. You can also obtain 0.5 Graduate School credit by participating this event!

The event will consist of a panel discussion with alumni, followed by a parallel session in which you will be given the opportunity to ask more direct questions towards specific career interest.  This part of the event will take place on the virtual platform Gather Town. It is preferred to log in to the platform before the event to check out the space.


Career shaping event

Date: May 13th, 2022

Time:  14:00-16:30

Location:  Hybrid (Drinks On-Campus)

Round Table Session: Metrics in Academia

At long last, the 3mE PhD council is proud to present our first round-table discussion of 2022 on the 17th of March at 16:00! The topic will be “Metrics in Academia”, a subject of paramount importance to us young scientists, especially in an increasingly “woke” world that strives to dismantle unjust power structures. To speak about this, we have Dr. Esther Plomp, a Data Steward at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, who already has experience in dissecting this issue (see this blog post). Her talk will cover questions such as our choice of and reliance on metrics such as h-index, impact factor, and citations as measures of academic aptitude and success. Further, what metrics should be employed when hiring candidates, offering promotions, and presenting awards in academia, and are the metrics currently in place any good? Is there a lurking danger of letting talented personnel slip through our grasp or languish in a rung of the academic ladder due to a poor choice of metrics in selection procedures? And what is the role of PhD candidates in this debate – do we toe the line of many senior academics or throw off the yoke of this conventional approach? All this and more will be tackled in this round-table discussion! For now, this event will remain online, but we are in the process of transitioning very soon to in-person discussions, which we all sorely need! Until then, hang tight and tune into this session :)


Esther Plomp - Data Steward of the faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft

Date & Time

March 17th, 2022



Online (Zoom)

PhD Video Competition

Date & Time

Workshop: 17th of November 2021, 9:00-11:00

Deadline: 3rd of December 2021, 23:59



See the winners!

Round Table Discussion: Climate Change and the TU

The 3mE PhD council is back with the first ‘Discussion Session’ of the academic year, from now on called ‘Round Table Discussions’! We cordially invite you to take part in a session titled ‘Climate Change and the TU’, where you will listen to a presentation by an expert on the field, and engage in a fruitful discussion on as yet unresolved issues. Through this session, you will learn about the steps TU Delft is taking to tackle the climate crisis, what is going according to plan, what is not, and what more we, as an organization and as individuals, can be doing to help mitigate this imminent threat. Stay tuned for updates on the speakers. We hope to see you there!


Vanessa Schaller, GreenTeam of CEG
Naomi Hubert, GreenTU Board
Anna Melnyk, a PhD at TPM and teacher of Climate Ethics


Date & Time

October 28th, 2021



Online (Zoom)

PhD Drinks

Now that we can meet face to face again, as an opening event we'd like to invite you to drinks at Café Labs this Thursday, 14th October from 5-8 pm. We'll even throw in free first drinks! We look forward to seeing you there (and making sure you're real and not just pixels on a screen 😉)!

Date & Time

October 14th 2021



Café Labs