TU Delft for Life

You are not a Delft engineer for a short time. You are a Delft engineer for life. Something to be proud of! TU-Delft alumni live and work in the whole world. At many places local communities exist that meets one another; some just once a year, some more frequent. These communities exist due to the help of local volunteers and TU Delft supports them with organising and/or facilitate their activities.

Next to diverse activities and events, you can also keep digital contact with your fellow Alumni. This is possible via the new online platform of TU Delft For Life. Take a look around and see the possibilities TU Delft had to offer for Alumni.

Worldwide meeting place

Tudelftforlife.nl is the worldwide meeting place for all Delft Alumni. Expand your network, get in touch with old fellow students and stay up-to-date with the latest news and events for alumni. Through your own profile page, you can keep your own contact details up-to-date and make direct contact with other alumni. You can also find where alumni live with the integrated world map. Everything together in one place. Over 7000 alumni have already joined TU Delft for Life. Click below for more information and for the link to the site.

Register for TU Delft for Life How does it work?

The Dutch Engineers Alumni Network of TU Delft, TU/e, Twente, and Wageningen launched its activities in 2014 and currently has communities in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Nordics, Spain and Switzerland.  By bringing the engineers together that studies in the Netherlands, we hope to create valuable communities for our alumni. We encourage members to use these communities for sharing both achievements and information as well as tapping into the expertise of each other. 

Remember that alumni from the TU Delft, TU/e, Wageningen University and the University of Twente are successful professionals who work across a wide range of sectors, and are affiliated not only with the most prestigious organizations of their fields but in many cases also self-funded start-ups. Some of them may have only recently completed their studies in the Netherlands while others have already lived in one of these countries for a decade or more. This network, therefore, represents a significant source of skills, contacts, and advice!

Please remember that all alumni are all also members of a much larger network of nearly 200,000 graduates from the four technical universities of the Netherlands which connects you to a rich legacy of innovation and excellence. Be proud and share your experiences at our institutions with other people. Alumni serve as important links for the TU Delft, TU/e, Wageningen University and the University of Twente to the outside world so please contact us if you have any suggestions related to opportunities in research, education, or philanthropy. 

Architecture and the Built Environment
Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG)
Het Gezelschap 'Practische Studie'
Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging (extraordinary membership)
L.G. Snellius
Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS)
W.I.A.C. 'Constantijn Huygens'
Study Association "Electrotechnische Vereeniging"
Industrial Design Engineering (IDE)
IO Alumni
Aerospace Engineering (AE)
Delft Aerospace Alumni
Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)
Arachnion Alumni Association
Applied Sciences (AS)
Study Association "Technologisch Gezelschap"
Alumni Society Applied Physics (A.V.T.N.)
Alumni Society SV LIFE
Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)
Alumni Maritime (VOL) S.G. William Froude
DSA Kalman
Alumni Platform Werktuigbouwkunde Delft
Pandora Alumni Transport
BME & BMD Master study association Antoni van Leeuwenhoek