Online Coach Café

Connecting alumni in a meaningful way

On 2 July we hosted our first ever senior to young alumni coaching event: the online Coach Café. We look back at a successful evening!

We had 21 enthusiastic senior alumni (who graduated at least 10 years ago) share their professional experiences with 60 young alumni (who graduated max. 5 years ago) during several ‘speed date sessions’. Young alumni had the opportunity to ask their career related questions to get more insight into what different career paths look like. Great tips and good advice were shared freely and new connections were made.

Alumni from all over the world joined us (the upside of hosting online events!). We had coaches from Peru, the US, Switzerland, India, the Netherlands (to name a few) and young alumni logging in from the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, China, Colombia and Sweden. It was great to be able to connect such an international crowd.

The event proved to be interesting for both young and senior alumni: within 2 days we reached the maximum number of registrations for young alumni. Also the registration of our senior alumni exceeded the maximum number we could accommodate, so we had to make a selection of coaches to ensure a good mix of faculties and careers.

We got some great feedback from both young and senior alumni. Young alumni told us the event was very useful, interesting and inspiring. Our senior alumni loved to share their experiences and were happy to reconnect with fellow alumni and give something back to TU Delft alumni. With the feedback we got, we will definitely organise another edition of the Coach Café in the fall. See you there?