Alumnus of the Year

We are enormously proud of our alumni. That is why the University Fund has awarded an ‘Alumnus of the Year’ prize every year since 2011. This is the prize for alumni who have more than proven themselves in the world of innovation and research. These winners have been honoured with a plaque on the ‘Alumni Walk of Fame’ in the Mekel Park. There is ample room for future stars, so why not drop by and let yourself be inspired?

Who becomes 'Alumnus of the Year 2021'?

A jury will decide who will win the award and you can nominate an alumnus. Perhaps there are alumni that we have lost sight of as TU Delft? Suggestions can be submitted until 22 March, 2021.

Francine Houben - Alumnus of the Year 2020

Francine Houben, founder and Creative Director of Mecanoo Architects, has been elected TU Delft Alumnus of the Year 2020. Rector Magnificus and Chair of the Executive Board Tim van der Hagen bestowed the award on Houben virtually during the TU Delft for Life | Xperience Week of 8 to 12 June. 

Alumnus of the Year 2020