Johannes Hendrik (Jo) van den Broek

An eye for the interplay between practice, theory and policy

Jo van den Broek was well over forty when he completed his studies in architecture in 1924. His previous job as a teacher made way for the profession of architect in 1927.

Van den Broek worked as an independent architect in Rotterdam for ten years, during which time he was involved in the development of the Mathenesserplein square and realised the De Eendracht housing complex. From 1937, he was part of the Brinkman & Van den Broek firm of architects and was intensively involved in planning the reconstruction of Rotterdam after the bombing. With his new firm Van den Broek & Bakema, one of the big projects he realised is the Lijnbaan shopping centre.

From 1947 to 1964, Van den Broek wasalso Professor of Architecture in Delft. He was a popular teacher who inspired several generations, partly because he managed to make a productive separation between design and research. At the university, Van den Broek had a great impact on education, research and - through his management roles - the development of the Faculty of Architecture. He also played an important role nationally and internationally: he was a co-founder of Bouwcentrum Rotterdam and EIB.

Van den Broek died in 1978, but his legacy remains. He positioned Architecture as an important player in the development of Dutch housing production and as a leading factor in the professionalisation of the architectural profession.

Ir. Jo van den Broek is receiving this award because of his achievements as an architect and his great impact on architectural education and research.