Access to the TU Delft library

Alumni can access the library free of charge, as of December 2019 you can:

  • Read and borrow all the books (except the e-books)
  • Look up articles and other digital collections in the Library Search & Go computer
  • Get access to the Wifi network that will work on the entire campus through a year account. 
  • You can get the Library card at the desk in the Library on campus of TU Delft. 

Six ways to find a scientific article

Quit some alumni want to keep access to the research and articles published in the academic world, however they cannot access through the former student credentials after graduation. In honour of alumni that want to keep reading publications, Alumni Relations made an overview of all the different ways of getting access to literature.

Unpaywall extension

Find, track and use 25 million open access publications. Download the unpaywall extension at and get access to full-text research papers. For Chrome and Firefox.

Open Access Button

Free, legal research articles delivered instantly are automatically requested from authors. You can find articles through the search bar on the website or download the button at as an extension for your browser.

Google Scholar

Find Full-text articles via Google Scholar Button. The button is a plug-in and is available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Add it in the settings of your browser. 

Request a copy via the author

You can always request a copy directly from the author; often not the fastest way, but traditionally a well-used route to get an article. 

Using the #icanhazpdf hashtag on twitter

Use the hashtag #ICanHazPDF in a tweet with the link or name of the desired publication. People who have access to thepublication can then share it with you. 

Buying from the publisher

As a last resort, you can buy the article from the respective publisher or journal by contacting them via their platforms.