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10 July 2018

Environmental benefits of pay-per-wash business model revealed

Researchers from TU Delft and Lund University (Sweden) have demonstrated in practice that paying per wash results in the more economical use of washing machines. Their findings are being published in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

05 July 2018

3mE Lecturer of the year 2017-2018

05 July 2018

European Commission signs innovation programme agreement for the shipbuilding industry

05 July 2018

Explore the next-generation metrics tool

05 July 2018

Peter Wellens develops method for predicting wave loads in heavy storms

05 July 2018

First book dedicated entirely to the area “Intensification of Biobased Processes''

Professor Andrzej Stankiewicz (Process & Energy) and Andrzej Górak (Lodz University of Technology, Poland) have written the first book dedicated entirely to the area “Intensification of Biobased Processes”.

04 July 2018

Extreme sea levels predicted to increase along global coastlines

Future global warming will lead to an increase in ‘extreme sea levels’, with consequent flood risks to coastal infrastructure and human populations. An international research team from Italy, Greece, the Netherlands (TU Delft / Deltares) and the UK published this new research in Nature Communications.

21 June 2018

Bedrock below West Antarctica rising surprisingly fast

Researchers have found that the bedrock below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet is rising much more rapidly than expected, revealing a very different Earth structure than previously believed. This discovery has important implications in understanding climate changes in Antarctica. The team of researchers, from ten universities including TU Delft, report on their findings in Science on June 22th.

21 June 2018

Photo- impression mechanical engineering design competition 2018: 'battle of the container handler'

20 June 2018

Impressive number of grants for 3mE at the Delft Bioengineering Institute’s BioDate 2018

The number of BioDate projects to receive grants from the Delft Bioengineering Institute again shows that 3mE researchers like to work with people from different disciplines. Our researchers are involved in eight of the fifteen proposals to have been awarded a grant for an interdisciplinary graduation project.

20 June 2018

BME leads research project for patients who experience balance problems following a stroke

The Department of BioMechanical Engineering has launched a unique research project called ‘Minor balance problems following a light stroke’ together with Radboudumc and two partners from industry, Motekforce Link BV and 2M Engineering.

14 June 2018

Antarctica ramps up sea level rise

Ice losses from Antarctica have increased global sea levels by 7.6 mm since 1992, with two fifths of this rise (3 mm) coming in the last five years alone.The findings are from a major climate assessment known as the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison Exercise (IMBIE), to which TU Delft also contributed, and are published today in Nature.

12 June 2018

In-depth analysis of safety for swimmers around the Sand Engine

Pumping huge volumes of sand onto the coastline has effects on currents, waves and swim safety. Max Radermacher has compiled the first analysis of this problem to allow targeted measures (such as extra coastguards) to be taken where necessary. Radermacher will be awarded a PhD at TU Delft for his work on this subject on Friday 15 June.

07 June 2018

TU Delft helps develop digital ID for use on your phone

In addition to your passport and driving licence, a phone application that enables you to prove your identity quickly and securely and also offers even more privacy options could soon be possible. As part of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, The Netherlands) has joined forces with the Netherlands Identity Data Agency (RvIG), a division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK), IDEMIA (the current manufacturer of Dutch passports) and law firm CMS, in developing an initial prototype for a digital stamp that could fulfil this purpose in the future. This digital identity is based on TU Delft’s innovative blockchain technology, known as Trustchain. The prototype was demonstrated at a BZK event held on 7 June. After the summer, a consumer trial of this technology will be launched in two Dutch municipalities.

06 June 2018

Soon the 3mE Faculty will be full of inspiring prototypes and designs

For the first time, the 3mE Faculty is hosting the special international Reconfigurable Mechanisms Conference (ReMAR). From 20 until 22 June, scientists and engineers from all over the world involved in the area of mechanisms will come to the 3mE Faculty to reveal their theories, prototypes and designs.