Alumni Volunteer: open call

About the role

Do you want to contribute to TU Delft’s mission in the near future in any way? Then please register as potential volunteer and we will get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities and your ideas. One could think of hosting and/or organising an event for alumni or students, mentoring, writing a testimonial, giving a lunch lecture, arranging an internship or project, and much more. Note: Although we will do our utmost best to accommodate your volunteering wishes, we cannot guarantee immediate success. 


Depending on the future volunteering role.

Suggested skills:

Depending on the future volunteering role.

Benefits of being involved:

  • Reconnect with and give back to the TU Delft community 
  • Expand your network, both personally and professionally
  • Briefing and training from your Alumni Relations contact, if needed
  • Meaningfully engage in an activity that improves alumni and/or student experience 

What can you expect from us?

  • Find the right volunteering opportunity for you
  • Give you support in creating your own volunteering role
  • Match you to the right organisation/person within TU Delft to volunteer


Are you interested in becoming an alumni volunteer? Then please send an email to and we can further discuss volunteering opportunities for you.

Get in touch

TU Delft Alumni Relations

It is TU Delft’s mission to have an “impact for a better society”. TU Delft Alumni Relations contributes to this mission by building and maintaining a valuable relationship with TU Delft graduates. This creates a vibrant alumni community, in which alumni voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, researchers and fellow alumni. Our goal is to enrich the student experience, to enable impactful research, to connect the curriculum to the needs of the labour market, and to expand the professional and personal network of alumni. This with the ultimate goal to facilitate impactful initiatives through the network.

Who are alumni volunteers?

Alumni who voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, and the alumni community. By doing so, they are of great value to (the mission of) TU Delft and the whole TU Delft community. TU Delft requires each volunteer to read and comply with this Alumni Volunteer Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to participate in TU Delft alumni volunteer activities.