Career Coach (at an event)

About the role

As a career coach, you can use your valuable (professional) experience to advise students or young alumni and discuss their study/career paths, ambitions and possible future careers during an (online) event. This is an opportunity to connect to the innovative thinking of ambitious and bright students and young alumni, strengthen your coaching and advising skills and to reconnect to your alma mater. 

We organise 2 types of coaching events:

The (online) Career CafĂ© for (Master) students 
To help our students better prepare for their first steps on the job market, TU Delft Alumni Relations and the TU Delft Career Centre organise the Career CafĂ© for students: an evening where students can ask career related questions to TU Delft alumni and learn from their experiences. 

The (online) Career CafĂ© for young alumni 
At this event young alumni (up to 5 years after graduation) can learn from the experiences of more senior alumni. Graduates who are yet to take their first step on the job market and those who might already be looking for their second job/position could greatly benefit from the tips and tricks from our more experienced alumni. This way the alumni network can help shape the future of our recent graduates.

Would you like to be an alumni coach?
We organize a Career CafĂ© 4 times per year. Let us know you are interested in being an alumni coach by leaving your details, and will contact you when the next event is scheduled.

Time commitment

The Career Café will take about 2 hours. We also offer the alumni coaches a 1-hour online workshop to help them prepare for the event.


As the events will be hosted online, alumni from all over the world can join. 

Suggested skills:

  • Communicative
  • Open-minded
  • Good listener
  • Career CafĂ© for students: have at least 1-year work experience since graduation
  • Career CafĂ© for young alumni: have at least 10 years work experience since graduation
  • Comfortable communicating in English

Benefits of being involved:

  • Build your network, both personally and professionally.
  • Give back to TU Delft and it’s community through helping and inspiring the current generation of TU Delft students and fellow members of the alumni community.
  • Develop coaching skills.

What can you expect from us?

  • We offer an online workshop with tips on how to coach our students/young alumni, to help you prepare for this event.
  • Recommendation by TU Delft Alumni Relations on LinkedIn, if desired.

TU Delft Alumni Relations

It is TU Delft’s mission to have an “impact for a better society”. TU Delft Alumni Relations contributes to this mission by building and maintaining a valuable relationship with TU Delft graduates. This creates a vibrant alumni community, in which alumni voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, researchers and fellow alumni. Our goal is to enrich the student experience, to enable impactful research, to connect the curriculum to the needs of the labour market, and to expand the professional and personal network of alumni. This with the ultimate goal to facilitate impactful initiatives through the network.

Who are alumni volunteers?

Alumni who voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, and the alumni community. By doing so, they are of great value to (the mission of) TU Delft and the whole TU Delft community. TU Delft requires each volunteer to read and comply with this Alumni Volunteer Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to participate in TU Delft alumni volunteer activities.