Community Host

About the role

TU Delft has a worldwide network of over 100,000 Delft engineers. At several places all around the world, we have active alumni communities who get together on a regular basis (in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, the Nordics, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Japan, Jakarta, etc). Our community hosts are our main points of contact at these locations. They know the city and the alumni community well, can help with organizing events and can redirect questions to the right people. Community hosts play a large role in keeping the community active by initiating their own events, (co-) organising Event in a Box, and by encouraging and supporting other alumni to become actively involved in the community. In the ideal situation, you team up with 3 to 5 fellow alumni per location.We are always looking for alumni who would like to play an active role in their city or country. Either at a location where there already is an active community, or at a location where we can build an alumni community together.

Time commitment

Varies from 1 hour per month when no event is scheduled up to 8 hours per month in preparation for an event / gathering. We ask you to (co-) host 2 events per year.


Any location where there is a potential to start an active alumni community.

Suggested skills:

  • Communicative
  • Flexible, able to plan and organize work 
  • Accurate
  • Customer focussed attitude
  • Experience in event organising is a plus

Benefits of being involved:

  • Connect to TU Delft community
  • Exposure of your company to engineering audience
  • Build your network, both personally and professionally
  • Briefing and training from your Alumni Relations contact, if needed
  • Meaningfully engage by offering content to TU Delft community 

What can you expect from us?

  • Alumni Relations will help you to organise events / gatherings by taking care of the communication, promotion and registration, and give advice on the format of the event.
  • Alumni Relations can set up and co-host communication platforms where the community can come together (e.g. a dedicated group on, a WhatsApp group, a LinkedIn group).
  • Recommendation by TU Delft Alumni Relations on LinkedIn, if desired.


Do you want to play an active role in your local alumni community? Then please send an email to and we can further discuss the potential of your location.

Get in touch

TU Delft Alumni Relations

It is TU Delft’s mission to have an “impact for a better society”. TU Delft Alumni Relations contributes to this mission by building and maintaining a valuable relationship with TU Delft graduates. This creates a vibrant alumni community, in which alumni voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, researchers and fellow alumni. Our goal is to enrich the student experience, to enable impactful research, to connect the curriculum to the needs of the labour market, and to expand the professional and personal network of alumni. This with the ultimate goal to facilitate impactful initiatives through the network.

Who are alumni volunteers?

Alumni who voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, and the alumni community. By doing so, they are of great value to (the mission of) TU Delft and the whole TU Delft community. TU Delft requires each volunteer to read and comply with this Alumni Volunteer Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to participate in TU Delft alumni volunteer activities.