Guest speaker at a Career Conversation

About the role

To help our students better prepare for their first steps on the job market, Alumni Relations and TU Delft Career Centre organise a Career Conversation once or twice per month. You can use your valuable (professional) experience to advise and inspire students, PhDs and young alumni by telling about your own study/career path, experiences, ambitions, choices, challenges and your current job.
During the session you will be assisted by a coach from the Career Centre. She will open the session, introduce you and support you if necessary when things don't go quite as expected.

Time commitment

On average, the preparation takes about 2 hours. The online session takes place on a weekday from 12.45 to 13.30. The Career Centre will provide you with a template for your presentation and some handles and instructions for your story. You make your own story and presentation.


Since the Career Conversations are currently taking place online, alumni from all over the world can participate.

Suggested skills:

We expect our alumni to be happy to share their experiences with students/young alumni and to dare to ask them critical questions.

  • Communicative
  • Being able to tell your story in an interesting way
  • Enjoy answering questions about your career
  • At least one year of work experience since graduation
  • Good English language skills

Benefits of being involved:

  • Build your network
  • The chance to give something back to the TU Delft (community) by helping and inspiring the current generation of students, PhDs and young alumni

What can you expect from us?

  • We offer you tools and support when preparing your presentation and during your presentation
  • Recommendation on LinkedIn by TU Delft Alumni Relations, if desired


Send an email to with your details, including your LinkedIn profile and a short explanation of why you would like to do a Career Conversation.

Get in touch

TU Delft Alumni Relations

It is TU Delft’s mission to have an “impact for a better society”. TU Delft Alumni Relations contributes to this mission by building and maintaining a valuable relationship with TU Delft graduates. This creates a vibrant alumni community, in which alumni voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, researchers and fellow alumni. Our goal is to enrich the student experience, to enable impactful research, to connect the curriculum to the needs of the labour market, and to expand the professional and personal network of alumni. This with the ultimate goal to facilitate impactful initiatives through the network.

Who are alumni volunteers?

Alumni who voluntarily invest their time, talent and network into TU Delft, its students, and the alumni community. By doing so, they are of great value to (the mission of) TU Delft and the whole TU Delft community. TU Delft requires each volunteer to read and comply with this Alumni Volunteer Code of Conduct in order to be eligible to participate in TU Delft alumni volunteer activities.