Mentor (programme) for Aerospace Engineering students

About the role

As a mentor in the AE Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP), you can use your valuable experience to advise current Aerospace Engineering students and discuss their study paths, ambitions and possible future careers. This is an opportunity to connect to the innovative thinking of ambitious and bright students, strengthen your coaching and advising skills and reconnect with your former faculty. It might also be a good way to connect with your possible future colleague and create exposure for your current employer.  As a mentor you will be matched by an algorithm to a current student on basis of several criteria and the MAP objectives (goals) of the students. You and your mentee can decide on how you want to spend the hours and how to stay in touch. Although the meetings are initiated by the student, you are allowed to guide the conversations towards discussing specific goals the student wants to achieve, answer questions he/she has and review the action points that were discussed in the previous meeting. The idea is that you will do this in an atmosphere of trust and respect. The mentee should feel encouraged to achieve the goals that you both set for the programme. 

Ways to help could entail, but are not limited to: 

  • Share your career story
  • Coach on course decisions
  • Coach on internship/thesis search
  • Coach on job search process
  • Share your network (experience) with mentee
  • Conduct mock-up interview
  • Help with CV/motivation letter check
  • Offer “shadow-day” at your work
  • Listen, coach and help them on their way
  • And much more…

Note that although you are allowed, you are not expected to:

  • Help your mentee find an internship or job
  • Introduce them to your work environment
  • Sponsor any activities your mentee organizes
  • Solve all problems your mentee has

Time commitment

MAP runs two times per academic year: from October till February and from March till July. A minimum of 2 contact hours per month is set for each mentor-mentee couple. Students can be expected to spend some more time, as they need to work on the action points that are discussed during your meetings. After concluding the cycle, the official match ends. Couples can continue their contact outside the programme of their own accord.


Depending of the location of mentor and mentee, contact can either be in person, or by phone/video calls. First contact is initiated by the student.


  • Alumnus of TU Delft (Aerospace Engineering)
  • Communicative
  • Open-minded
  • Good listener
  • Have at least 1 year work experience since graduation
  • Able and willing to invest 2 hours per month in contact with a mentee for a timeframe of 5 months.

Benefits of being involved:

  • Meaningfully engage in an activity that improves student and alumni experience by supporting them to develop their future careers and leadership style.
  • Develop coaching skills.
  • Build your network, both personally and professionally.
  • Briefing and training from your Alumni Relations contact, if desired.
  • Reconnect with and give back to the TU Delft community through inspiring the current generation of TU Delft students and fellow members of the alumni community.

What can you expect from us?

  • Recommendation of TU Delft Alumni Relations on LinkedIn, if desired
  • If desired, you can receive a participation statement
  • Offer support in case communication runs slow


Do you want to register as mentor or do you want more information? 

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TU Delft Alumni Relations

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Who are alumni volunteers?

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