Evening programme faculty Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE)

18:30 - 21:00 hours

A good engineer is inherently good at working with others. Come and see some of the surprising outcomes of cross-over collaboration between disciplines within our faculty. Mechanical Engineering in the Mix: Couple a maritime designer with an expert in the field of measurement and control technology for windmills and it results in a new type of ship propeller. Have a Microsystems Engineer work together with a BioMechanical Engineer and you get live saving tubes with an origami-like folded structure.

With these and many more examples, 3mE shows that a good engineer is, above all, a collaborator and that the best innovations emerge at the cutting edge of disciplines.

The 3mE faculty invites you to come and in a relaxed atmosphere listen to new developments in research and education with a presentation by Dean Theun Baller, two study associations, demonstration by RoboKarts and one dreamteam. 

You can register here for the TU Delft for Life | Xperience Day.