The demand for robotic solutions is growing as a wide range of innovative robotic technologies are at, or near, commercialisation. These include robots that can identify, measure and process a variety of unknown objects or that can be deployed to perform order picking tasks in warehouses. RoboHouse’s Discover programme supports organisations to take advantage of the opportunities these new solutions offer.

The trend in further automation requires new specialisations on the job market, as was recently reported by the World Economic Forum in its ‘The Future of Jobs’ report. In its Develop programme, RoboHouse offers a set of specialised courses to train new robotic talent.

RoboHouse supports organisations in adopting robotic solutions by offering them:

  • workshops to understand robotics and experience live demonstrations, and ideation sessions to identify solutions for their own processes;
  • workspaces in the industrial Test Centre to test their own proof-of-concept applications.

RoboHouse trains experienced and new robotic talent by offering:

  • in-depth courses in its Learn Centre (e.g. programming robot operating systems, computer vision and AI);
  • workspaces in the industrial Test Centre to build robotic solutions to meet market demand.

The Smart Industry Fieldlab RoboHouse is part of the RoboValley robotics ecosystem. It utilises research emerging from TNO and the TU Delft Robotics Institute and collaborates with SMITZH and InnovationQuarter’s regional programmes. In collaboration with industrial partners like ABB and Festo, it offers a platform where organisations can learn about the potential of the latest robotic solutions in practice. They can then implement digital technologies in their processes at minimal risk.

At the tour you will be welcomed by Jaimy Siebel, Manager RoboHouse, and Dr. Javier Alonso Mora, Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive Robotics, after which you will see some demonstrations.

Other RoboHouse partners are:
Dero, SICK, Stäubli, Schunk, Stemmer Imaging, Ahold Delhaize, PILZ, Techman, the Municipality of Delft, HighTechCentre Delft, IDS, BCK Holland, Vicar Vision, Kinova & Roboception.

Photos: Daniel Verkijk