Evening programme faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS)

18:30 – 21:00 hours

The new dean of EEMCS, John Schmitz, will welcome alumni and pass on the microphone to our keynote speakers. Together these interesting speakers, who each represent a department of our faculty (EE, M and CS) will give a unique presentation about the innovative research at our faculty.

  • Wouter Serdijn, a TU Delft alumnus himself, is part of the Bioelectronics section at EEMCS. He researches signalling in medical implants such as brain, heart and hearing implants.
  • One of our most important mathematicians and alumnus is Geurt Jongbloed, who does pioneering research in the mathematical statistics of sports. How, for example, can we improve the performance of our cyclists?
  • In her research, the computer science researcher Cynthia Liem is looking for the technical side in the culture. Her research focuses on the analysis of large amounts of music data in order to better translate that data to a wider audience.

You also get the chance to follow-up on the research that you have supported. The (student) researchers, Vinay Balaji with his Virtual Referee project and Alberto Gancedo, who developed a brain scan for premature babies, are present and will give a pitch on the follow-up of their research.

As icing on the cake we are very proud to announce our own Ionica Smeets as alumnus of the year 2018. She will give a presentation on jargon in science communication in the evening programme of EEMCS.