Accessibility and parking

TU Delft Campus is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. You can walk to your destination from the central parking areas and bus stops. Building numbers are used to help you find your way around the campus. The easiest way to find your destination is to remember both the address and the building number of where you need to be. Use the interactive map.


TU Delft Campus has an extensive network of cycle paths and several bicycle parking areas. Bicycle repair points can also be found across campus to enable you to do minor repairs yourself.

Public transport

There are several buses running from Delft railway station to TU Delft campus. There are bus stops all over the campus. Want to know your best public transport route? Plan your journey at 

By car

TU Delft Campus is easy to reach by car via the A13 motorway — exit 10 Delft Zuid/TU-wijk.

Parking on campus is free. Please bear in mind that parking on campus is in high demand. It may therefore be difficult to find a parking space. You are advised to travel to the campus by bicycle or public transport if possible.

The large on-campus car parks are well signposted on the campus ring road. There are several central car parks convenient for each building, but it is not possible to park right outside most buildings. You can walk from your parking space to your destination.

You will find six larger car parks on campus:
Aula building / Library (Van der Waalsweg)
Faculty of 3mE (Leeghwaterstraat)
Faculty of EEMCS (Feldmannweg)
Sports & Culture (Van Den Broekweg)
Faculty of AE (Anthony Fokkerweg)
Applied Sciences South (TNW Zuid) car park

Search for the building you are visiting for that building’s specific parking information.

Please note! Parking is only permitted in the designated parking spaces. The Municipality of Delft actively enforces parking regulations on TU Delft Campus. Make sure you always park in a parking space.

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