House rules

Here you will find an overview of the rules and arrangements the TU Delft has concerning promotional campaigns and activities on campus, in its buildings and in the surrounding area. 

Promotion on campus

TU Delft gets many requests for promoting activities on campus. Below you can find an overview of the possibilities and conditions.

  • Promoting activities on campus by external organizations are not allowed.
  • On the campus it is not allowed to promote or advertise for political parties or religious organisations. There is one exception: previous to national or municipal elections, political parties of the electoral list can distribute flyers on the locations mentioned below (see ‘flyering'), within two weeks preceding the election day. Activities other than the distribution of flyers, such as recruiting members for political parties or a manifestation are not allowed. For any requests, see the tab Request promotional campaign or other activity. 
  • In the context of sustainability, Park Management is happy to look into alternatives for the use of flyers and balloons, etc.

TU Delft has the right to remove persons from the campus in case of any nuisance or inappropriate behavior.  

Distributing flyers and leaflets

In the context of sustainability, Park Management is happy to look into alternatives for the use of flyers.

There are two possibilities for distributing flyers and leaflets at TU Delft:

  1. In a building or in front of a main entrance: permission via faculty. Please read the guidelines for distributing leaflets and posters.
  2. Distributing flyers on the TU Delft campus ground (outdoors), attaching flyers to bicycles, promotional bike saddle covers: permission via Parkmanagement TU Delft.

Allowed locations:

  • On the bridge towards faculty IDE.
  • In the Mekelpark (excl. Freezones)
  • On the pavement between the Aula and the Library (excl. Freezone/stairs/platform)
  • Promotion with mobile abri: depending on the type of abri, Parkmanagement TU Delft can appoint a designated area.


  • Only of footways; main walking routes. Escape routes must remain accessible. 
  • Distributing flyers to cyclists is not allowed.

Clean-up duty:

  • The applicant cleans up flyers that have been thrown on the ground or blown away.
  • Removal and cleaning costs can be charged to the applicant.

A request can be made at the tab Request promotional campaign or other activities

Environmentally-friendly graffiti, pavement chalk, spray chalk

  • Only allowed on the ground (but not on natural stone like the square in front of faculties IDE and EEMCS and the Mekelpark) or on steps and/or platforms.
  • Vertical surfaces not allowed, since this stays visible for too long
  • The minimum distance in between spray locations (chalk or graffiti) is 50 meters and this may only be done at the Mekelweg cycling path between O&S (building 30A) and EEMCS (building 36). 
  • A request can be made at the tab Request promotional campaign or other activities

Posters and placards

  • Inside the buildings, posters are allowed at a number of designated locations (including message boards). Please read the guidelines for distributing posters.
  • Outdoors, posters and placards are not allowed anywhere on the TU Delft campus. Parkmanagement TU Delft monitors this and will charge the organizer for cleaning and removal.
  • A request can be made at the tab Request promotional campaign or other activities


In the context of sustainability, Park Management is happy to look into alternatives for the use balloons.

  • On the working day after the event, all balloons and fastening materials (ribbons, tie wraps, etc.) must be removed.
  • For launching balloons, strict regulations are applicable due to air traffic to Rotterdam – The Hague Airport.
  • A request can be made at the tab Request promotional campaign or other activities


Banners are allowed at five locations. Please contact VSSD, Leeghwaterstraat 42, tel: 015 2782050, e-mail: If strong winds are forecast, please ensure the banner is tightly secured and the next day, check that it is still properly attached.


  • Mekelweg next to Döner Company
  • Mekelpark between 3mE and Applied Sciences
  • Mekelpark between EEMCS and CEG
  • Mekelpark in front of X (previously Sports & Culture)
  • Kluyverweg next to the AE bicycle park

The TU Delft has the right to remove any banners that have been placed without the permission of VSSD or Parkmanagement TU Delft.

Sandwich boards, triangle boards, stickers

  • The use of stickers is not permitted anywhere on TU Delft campus. Parkmanagement TU Delft monitors this and will charge the organiser for cleaning and removal.
  • Please contact Parkmanagement for the placement of sandwich boards or triangle boards. 



Lighting fireworks by individuals or by professionals is only possible with permission of TU Delft Park Management and a permit from the municipality Delft.

Other possibilities for promotion

  • Applications must be requested at least 2 weeks before commencement with this application form.
  • Only after Parkmanagement has approved the requested activity, the activity may be executed by the applicant. 

In order to keep the campus tidy and safe, TU Delft applies house rules for bicycle parking. These rules are in line with the General Local By-Laws of the municipality of Delft, paragraph 5.10 (Dutch)

  1. Bicycles may only be placed at the designated locations or in the facilities (compartments or racks). This also applies to mopeds or other powered two-wheelers.
  2. Bicycles or mopeds that are not in the right place are moved to designated location.
  3. It is prohibited to park bicycles or motorcycles on the campus for long term and during holidays. We clean up orphan bikes and wreck bikes every year. We also carry out maintenance on bicycle racks and the ground and want to prevent theft.
  4. A bicycle or other type of two-wheeler is considered to be an "ownerless (moped) bicycle" if it has been parked at the same location for more than 28 days. These two-wheelers are provided with a warning label. After 28 days they are removed and stored in the TU Delft depot. The owner can report to the depot. After 6 weeks the bicycles will be removed from the depot.
  5. (Moped) bicycle wrecks are unusable (moped) bicycles, because 2 essential items are missing and/or the pedals cannot rotate. These are also given a warning label and are stored in the depot. The owner can report to the depot. Unserviceable two-wheelers will be destroyed after 3 weeks.
  6. TU Delft reserves the right to remove any locks. The damage to the lock is for the account of the (moped) bike owner.

If you cannot find your bike, report it to a service desk or mail to Bicycles that are moved from Coffee & Bikes at the Landbergstraat are relocated to the bicycle racks next to the Doner Company (Mekelweg) or TPM bicycle parking.

Car parking on the TU Delft campus is subject to all car parking legislation and regulations, such as the Road Traffic Act (Wegenverkeerswet), Road Traffic and Traffic Signals Regulations (Reglement Verkeersregels en Verkeerstekens, RVV) and the General Municipal Bylaw (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening, APV) of the Municipality of Delft.
TU Delft would specifically like to draw attention to the following points in the APV:

  1. Parking is only permitted in the designated parking spaces.
  2. You may not park your car in prohibited places such as near emergency exits or fire hydrants.
  3. You may not park your car in a parking space with an electric charging point unless you are making use of the charging function.
  4. The municipal authority may enforce these rules for any cars parked wrongly.

If you have any questions about parking on the TU Delft campus, please contact one of the service desks or send an email to

Charging stations
The Road Traffic Act (Wegenverkeerswet) stipulates that parking is not allowed at an electric charging location without the vehicle being charged. Any violation can result in a fine being imposed.
TU Delft also wants the charging stations to be used effectively so that vehicles can be charged in succession.

Applying for a charging card
TU Delft employees can apply for a charging card by filling in this form and by sending it to


There are strict regulations concerning drones, due to the safety on the ground and the air traffic of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Please contact TU Delft Park Management:

The following rules apply on the TU Delft Campus:

  • Keep your dog on a leash. It is not permitted to let dogs run free.
  • The owner / keeper is obliged to clean up after your dog.

 The security of the TU Delft Campus has the right to address owners and to report this in the event of non-compliance.

The TU Delft Campus falls under the General Local Regulation of the municipality of Delft.

Faculty grounds
Barbecuing in faculty grounds is only allowed with permission from the FM Service Department of the faculty in question.

General outdoor area or Freezone
Barbecuing in the general outdoor area or in a Freezone is only allowed with permission from Events on Campus. Freezones must be booked in advance via
Depending on the number of guests and whether or not alcohol will be served, the Municipality of Delft must be notified or a licence to serve alcohol requested. Make sure you allow sufficient time for this to be processed (at least four weeks in advance).

  • The barbeque must be situated at least 10 metres from the building; this applies to all venues.
  • Barbecues may not be placed on artificial grass or stone paving.
  • Open fires are not allowed.
  • A fire extinguisher must always be on hand while barbecuing. These are available from Events on Campus.
  • Ensure that the area is neat and tidy when you leave. A small waste container is available from Events on Campus.

TU Delft supports the ambition of achieving a ‘smoke-free generation’ in the Netherlands. For this reason, as of 1 August 2020, the TU Delft Campus is smoke-free. This means that staff, students and visitors of TU Delft are no longer allowed to smoke on a large area of the campus. Here you can find all information on the smoking policy, including a map showing where the smoking policy applies.

From 1 January 2023, an alcohol and substances policy will apply at TU Delft. The premise of this is that it is not allowed to drink alcohol or be under the influence of stimulants, narcotics or hallucinogens. This policy applies to students, employees and guests. This main points are: 

  • Drinks, activities and events are alcohol-free until 5pm. This applies to staff and students, and to external guests.
  • Substance use is prohibited on campus at all times. Drugs include not only those prohibited under the Opium Act, but also, for example, laughing gas and performance-enhancing drugs. (Physician-prescribed substances (medicines) continue to be permitted).
  • If alcoholic drinks are served, a maximum alcohol content of 15 per cent applies. Spirits above 15 % alcohol are therefore not allowed. In the faculty pubs, this is also to be removed from the range.
  • Legal provisions, such as the Opium Act and the age limit of 18 years for being allowed to serve alcoholic beverages, continue to apply.

Alcohol and substance use has negative effects on the health and well-being of students and staff. Dutch universities, including TU Delft, therefore have the ambition to help limit problematic alcohol use within the university community.