Board of Professors

The Board of Professors is responsible for advising the Executive Board on matters pertaining to academic staff quality control, such as:

  • policies relating to the maintaining or raising of academic staff standards
  • proposals concerning the appointing or reappointing of professors
  • the developing of criteria and procedures for the promotion or reappointment of academic staff
  • the developing of quality-directed carreer policies for academic staff
  • the issuing of guaranties surrounding the optimal functioning, the rights
    and obligations and also the labour conditions laid down for academic staff.

The Board advises the Executive Board on the selection of candidates for the position of Rector Magnificus.
The Board operates as a sounding board for the Executive Board in matters of organisational importance.
The Board reviews the selection of guest lecturers and research fellows as well as proposals submitted for royal honours for professors and senior lecturers.


  • Zwaag, S. van der, AE


  • Gameren, D.E., BK
  • Hanjalic, prof.dr. A., EEMCS
  • Herder, P.M.,TPM
  • Pappas, prof.dr. C., AS
  • Westerweel, J., 3ME
  • Stappers, prof.dr. P.J., IDE
  • Russchenberg, H.W.J., CEG


  • Blokland, drs. A.M., Board HR