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Faculty Secretaries






























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Faculty Information co-ordinators

Each dean is supported by the faculty secretary who acts as a strategic advisor. The faculty secretary reports to the dean and to the Secretary General. The faculty secretary has a coordinating role with regards to the faculty support services/units(on behalf of the dean).

Drs. P.Y. (Petra) Jorritsma MSc
+31 (0)15 27 87766

Aerospace Engineering


Drs. M.C.M. (Marja) van den Bergh
+31 15 27 81914

Applied Sciences


Drs. A.C. (Amber) Leeuwenburgh 
+31 (0)15 27 88514

Architecture and the Built Environment


R.P. (Ronald) van den Mosselaar



Civil Engineering & Geosciences 


Mr.drs. G.M.F. (Myrthe) van Nus
+31 15 27 83268

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science

Drs. A.G.C.A. (Hans) Suijkerbuijk
 +31 (0)15 27 82101

Industrial Design Engineering



C.A. (Chantal) Brokerhof


+31 15 27 89422

Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering


Drs. J.K. (Jacqueline) Dekker
+31 (0)618546810

Technology, Policy & Management


Faculty Secretaries Team (FST)

The Faculty Secretaries meet twice a week in the Faculty Secretaries Team (FST), which is chaired by the Secretary General. The FST is a collegiate consultation platform intended to enable mutual consultation and make a contribution to solving issues from an institution-wide perspective.