Internal Audit

Internal audit is an independent and objective function designed to add value and improve TU Delft’s operations. It helps the organization, including faculties, the university corporate office, holdings and affiliated parties, to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Internal Audit has an important supporting role towards the Executive Board, the faculty deans, and the university corporate office directors, in their effort to be in control regarding accomplishing objectives, by providing them with insight, analyses, findings, evaluations, opinions and recommendations related to the investigated objects.

The Executive Board is accountable for Internal Audit and is supervised in this by the Supervisory Board via the Audit Committee. Internal Audit reports hierarchically and functionally to the Chairman of the Executive Board.

General address
T: +31 (0)15 278 3361

P. (Peter) Roorda RA CIA 
Manager internal audit
T: +31 (0)6 17 00 27 53

A.J. (Angie) Braun
T: +31 (0)15 278 3361 or +31 (0)6 38 16 58 38
Present on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Staff members
Drs. W. (Wiebe) Blok RO
Senior auditor
T: +31 (0)6 39 27 23 24

Drs. P. (Pascal) Lamy RA RC EMFC EMIA
Senior auditor
T: +31 (0)6 24 81 42 17

Drs. A.H.A. (Angélique) Post RA
Senior auditor
T: +31 (0)6 24 81 42 25

Drs. A. (Arie) Pronk RA RC RE EMFC CIA CISA
External consultant
T: +31 (0)6 21 26 82 25

Drs. J.J.F. (Jeroen) Robbe RA CIA EMITA
Senior auditor
T: +31 (0)6 39 27 23 25