Operational Committee

The Operational Committee is a consultative body that consists of the members of the Executive Board and the deans of the eight faculties.

In the Operational Committee, the Executive Board consults every three weeks with the deans on matters of general importance for the entire university. This can relate to the specific interests of the faculties and/or the overall development of the university.

Executive board

  • Prof.dr.ir. T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, (Rector Magnificus and president)
  • Prof.dr. R.F. (Rob) Mudde, (Vice Rector Magnificus/Vice President Education)
  • Drs. M.E. (Marien) van der Meer, (Vice President Operations)


  • Prof.dr.ir. C.G. (Caspar) Chorus, IDE
  • Prof.dr. H.G.C. Werij, AE
  • Prof.dr.ir. L.J. (Lucas) van Vliet, EEMCS
  • Prof.dr.ir.  P.M. (Paulien) Herder, AS
  • Prof.drs. A.S. (Aukje) Hassoldt, TPM
  • Prof.ir. D.E. (Dick)  van Gameren¸ ABE
  • Prof.dr.ir. J.D. (Jan Dirk) Jansen, CEG
  • Prof.dr.Ir. A. (Fred) van Keulen, 3mE

Secretary to the Operational Committee

  • Groenhof, Dr. A.R.

Managerial Assistant to the Operational Committee

  • Pietersen, Drs. J.C.M.