Operational Committee

The Operational Committee comprises the members of the Executive Board and the Deans. Together, they collaborate on matters of general importance - issues that affect the university in its entirety. These relate, in part, to the specific interests of the faculties. The Committee aims to uphold and improve unity within the university, and to promote its further evolution as an institution of scientific education and research.

Executive board

  • Prof.dr.ir. T.H.J.J. van der Hagen, (Rector Magnificus and president)
  • Vacature (Vice Rector Magnificus)
  • Drs. N.A. Vermeulen MBA, (Vice President Operations) 


  • Prof.ir. M.A. VoĆ»te, IDE
  • Prof.dr. H.G.C. Werij, AE
  • Prof.dr. J.A.J. Schmitz, EEMCS
  • Prof.dr.ir. L.J. van Vliet, AS
  • Prof.dr.ir. J.W.F. Wamelink, TPM
  • Prof. P.J. Russell, Arch
  • Prof.dr.ir. B.M. Geerken, CEG
  • Prof.dr. T.S. Baller, 3mE

Secretary to the Operational Committee

  • Scheurwater, Dr. G.J.L.

Managerial Assistant to the Operational Committee

  • Pietersen, Drs. J.C.M.