House rules Freezones

Here is a summary of the house rules.


  • You can use the Freezone between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • Depending on the size of the Freezone, you may allow a maximum of 250 people to enter the zone, and no alcohol may be served (due to municipal licensing restrictions).
  • The dedicated area is identified by the word FREEZONE. Reserve an area with the right size for your gathering.

Have consideration for your environment

  • You can do lot of different things in the Freezones, but you should bear in mind that you are using an area where staff and students work and study. You can play unamplified music, provided it is at an acceptable volume. If complaints are received about noise levels, the music must be immediately either turned down or switched off.

Pay attention to safety

  • When water and electricity is used, make sure that no one can trip over cables/hoses and that these are safe to use. So: no leaky hoses or damaged power cords.
  • The Freezone must remain accessible to emergency services. The passageway must be at least 3.5 metres wide.
  • You are allowed to barbecue in the Freezone, as long as certain precautionary measures are taken. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and protect the ground and plants from both fire and splattering (grease, etc.).
  • You are not allowed to build an open fire.
  • Bicycles and cars can be parked in the regular bike racks or parking lots.

Leave the Freezone in a good condition

  • When you are done, clean up the ground and the grass and personally remove any trash from the area.
  • Inform the manager in the event that the ground or the plants become damaged.