On-campus business space

TU Delft offers on-campus  accommodation to commercial companies, research institutions and associations that have a working relationship with the university. Organisations have to enjoy a sustainable relationship with TU Delft around the areas of education, research and/or valorisation in order to qualify. They must contribute to the realisation of TU Delft's objectives in these areas. They will also be expected to have an open approach and be willing to cooperate and share knowledge.

This does not concern suppliers of goods and services, but for instance:

  • Cooperation in research programmes
  • The supervision of students
  • Organisations which are part of an ecosystem in whose development TU Delft has a specific interest (such as Robotics or Quantum)

At the moment, TU Delft offers space in the following buildings:

  • Science Centre - Mijnbouwstraat 120
    Start-ups and smaller companies in areas including ITC, design and robotics.
  • RoboValley – Julianalaan 67a
    For companies (especially start-ups) in the robotics sector (including drones). TU Delft expects that this site, together with Mijnbouwstraat 120, will expand to become an important international hub for robotics companies.
  • Construction Campus – Van der Burghweg 1
    Innovations in construction and real estate; the meeting place where parties share knowledge and create innovative solutions with respect to the built environment.
  • Aerospace Engineering – Kluyverweg 1
    For aviation and aerospace companies and start-ups.
  • YES!Delft and YES!Labs
    Start-ups building (incubator).
  • Other areas
    Arranging accommodation in faculty buildings is never standard and has to be arranged in close consultation with the faculty.
  • Science Park/Technopolis
    TU Delft is collaborating with market players on a new initiative at Science Park TU Delft to offer accommodation to companies including 'scale-ups' (NextDelft).

In addition to all this, TU Delft has developed a joint network with the Municipality of Delft to access local accommodation such as the Schieoevers and Delftech business parks.

For more information about opportunities, please contact us at Huuradministratie-CRE@tudelft.nl