Final Working Conference

Final working conference Strategic Advisory Groups (10-04-2017)

In the development of the strategic framework of the TU Delft for the period 2018-2024, the input of a wide variety of members of the TU Delft community is very important. To realise this in the first phase of the strategy process, the Executive Board has established a dozen of Strategic Advisory Groups. Each of those Advisory Groups has given advice on a specific strategic theme.

The Working Conference on April 10 marked the end of the advisory process for the Strategic Advisory Groups. During this conference, all Advisory Groups reconvened a second and final time to present their advices to each other, to discuss the outcomes and exchange ideas.

In preparation of the conference, each of the advisory groups, under the guidance of JAM Visual Thinking, worked out their advice in a visual poster, on the basis of which their advice could be presented. The process of making the poster was as important as the result: to visualise a concept as ‘excellence’ you have to know very precisely what you actually mean. Working towards a visual translation of the advices helped to make the essence of the advices explicit.

The working conference was organised in the Science Centre, where we set-up a poster market in the Mekelzalen. After the opening words by the President of the Executive Board Tim van der Hagen, the advisory group members were invited to grab a sandwich and roam the market. Alternately, each of the 12 Advisory Groups presented their advice. The participants could choose to attend those presentations or engage in a conversation with other advisory group members.

After the poster market everyone met for the final part of the program: a plenary debate. During this debate, the dilemmas and contradictions that emerged from the different advices were discussed.

The video below gives an impression of this inspiring conference.