Convergence in AI, data & digitalisation

Convergence in AI, data & digitalisation

The amount of data available has increased enormously, and many Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have proven themselves over the past ten years. AI provides us with important tools to tackle societal challenges. If we do this together and from different disciplines, we can take major leaps forward. That is why the universities of Zuid-Holland and the university medical centres are collaborating in this field.

The cooperation between experts in AI, data and digitalisation, and experts who apply AI in another scientific domain, is central. In other words: in AI and with AI. Based on this complementarity, we prepare ourselves for future challenges. This is reflected in:

  • Education - we develop joint minor programmes in AI, data and digitalisation, and prepare modules and materials for inclusion in the curricula of all 85,000 university students in Zuid-Holland.
  • Research - our research links up with themes that have a strong regional profile:
    • Energy and sustainability
    • Health and care
    • Port and maritime
    • Peace, justice and security
    • Technological industry

Through the AI hub Zuid-Holland, which is a part of the Dutch National AI Coalition (NLAIC), all stakeholders in the Dutch AI landscape are united. Collaboration in AI convergence, data & digitalisation is its scientific backbone. We are preparing for the research agendas that are being developed and the resulting funding opportunities in order to contribute from AI, data & digitisation to the major regional, national and international societal challenges.

Convergence Health and Technology

Convergence Resilient Delta

Tackling today's global challenges requires resilience. For a society to be resilient, it must be flexible and proactively address (societal) challenges, it must fuel innovation and capitalize on opportunities that bring economic prosperity, and it must cultivate a healthy, inclusive and equitable living environment. The Resilient Delta Institute is a public-private initiative that brings together research institutes, companies, NGOs and governments. The institute will design resilience solutions in the real-world dynamics of the Rotterdam delta and transfer these solutions around the globe. It has prepared the contours of its business plan and now seeks new partners to build the institute and reap the benefits.

The institute's mission is to design resilience solutions in the Rotterdam delta and transfer these solutions around the globe. The institute will develop policies, technologies, business models and methodologies that address concrete societal issues prevalent in urban deltas. The institute will design its solutions in the heart of the Rotterdam delta. In doing so, it will improve the resilience of the Rotterdam delta while also boosting the earnings capacity of the Netherlands. This delta offers an ideal environment in which to study and design solutions for urban delta systems, as all global challenges come together in this compact, complex and dynamic region. The institute will collaborate with deltas around the world to maximize mutual learning and solution adoption.

Resilient Delta aims to become a world-renowned leader in delta resilience. It will be a central node in a network of partner deltas around the world. Through transdisciplinary research and co-creation, it will design practical, applicable and scalable resilience solutions. At physical co-locations in Rotterdam and Delft, leaders in the humanities and hard and soft sciences will come together to conduct research, design solutions and develop new educational programs to educate the next generation of professionals.