D&I staff

D&I Office

The D&I Office is committed to nurturing and promoting a respectful, accessible, diverse and inclusive TU Delft community for all staff, students and guests. Since September 2020 Prof. David Keyson (professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering) has taken up the role of Chief Diversity Officer. He is also head of the Diversity and Inclusion Office (D&I Office) comprising, in addition to Keyson, a diversity & inclusion coordinator and a policy advisor.

Whether you are a student, staff member or guest at TU Delft, you can contact us with general questions or ideas about Diversity & Inclusion via diversity@tudelft.nl

D&I Coordinator

Fatima Ait Bari MSc

D&I Policy advisor

Marije Severs MSc

D&I Office Manager

Martha de Bruijn

D&I coordinator a.i.

Anoeshka Ishwardat

D&I trainee

Tyrone Hunte

Advisor Outreach Student Diversity

Stavroula Manolaki

Faculty Diversity Officers

Faculty diversity officers have been appointed to promote diversity and inclusion within their faculty. Each faculty diversity officer will work together with the D&I Office, and staff and students at their faculty to create and enhance an inclusive and diverse working and learning environment at the faculty.

Bouwkunde (BK) Community Officer

Ir. Cécile Calis

D&I Board

TU Delft has installed the D&I Board, chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer. The D&I Board consists of the Faculty Diversity Officers and other representatives within TU Delft. The D&I Board will act as an advisory and sounding committee for the Diversity Officer as well as the D&I Office. It will, for instance, assist and provide input for focus areas, strategy and priorities on diverse D&I themes.

Other representatives D&I Board

Abdelkader Karbache

Affilitated with Student Council

Prof. dr. ir. Ibo van der Poel

Integrity Officer TU Delft

Mr. Andrea van der Kuip

Verbonden met HR TU Delft

Stella van der Meulen

Verbonden met ESA TU Delft

Prof. Zofia Lukszo

Verbonden met DEWIS

Mireille Howard-Snels

Network neurdiversity / psychological / phisical diasability