Confidential advisors

Confidential advisor: for staff and students

A confidential advisor provides support and advice to staff and students who are confronted with undesirable behaviour or who suspect a possible breach of integrity at TU Delft. The confidential advisor will listen to your story and help you explore the steps you can take. You will always remain in charge.

The confidential advisor has a duty of confidentiality. If necessary, he or she can refer you to, for example, a university social worker, a student psychologist, HR or a legal advisor. If solutions in the informal sphere are not sufficient, you can decide to submit a formal complaint or report. Also in this situation, the confidential advisor can provide advice and support.

You can contact the confidential advisors for questions relating to:

  • Undesirable behaviour (such as bullying, discrimination, sexual and other types of intimidation, stalking and violence); and/or
  • Scientific integrity (for example, suspicions of plagiarism, falsification or fraud in research); and/or
  • Organisational integrity (for example, violations related to ancillary activities, conflicts of interest, financial fraud or abuse of power).

In addition to their primary role as point of contact and sounding board, confidential advisors have two other tasks. They contribute to prevention and awareness by providing information about integrity and social safety within the university. Also, they give advice to the executive board and management based on trends and developments which they observe in their role.

Team of advisors

On this page the confidential advisors introduce themselves.