HREC Approval 1: Application

At TU Delft, as stipulated in the TU Delft Regulations on Human Trials (2016), approval for Human Research is provided by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) whose screening service is mandatory for all research involving data obtained from Human Research Subjects.
If you’ve incorporate risk assessment into your research design as described in the sections above, getting approval for your research should be pretty straight forward, and generally takes only around a week. It’s worth noting that you’re much more likely to need to resubmit your application if you neglect to identify potential risks, than if you identify a potential risk and demonstrate how you will mitigate it. If necessary, the HREC will always work with you and colleagues in the Privacy Team and Data Management Services to see how, if at all possible, your research can be conducted.

  • We are not a medical ethics committee! If you conduct an experiment which involves medical care or devices, you must seek approval from a certified medical ethics committee. Please contact the TU Delft Policy Advisor on Medical (Devices) Research and/or Biosafety Advisor if you need advice on this – including if are not sure whether you need METC approval.
  • If you have a query which is not addressed by the resources on these Research Ethics web pages you can contact the HREC at:  
  • If you have any feedback on any aspect of the HREC approval tools and/or process you can leave your comments here

You can find everything you need to know about preparing your HREC application and the approval process itself in the following sections:

The Human Research Ethics Committee

You can find out more about the HREC Committee and Team here.