TU Delft Vision on Integrity 2018-2024

How do we deal with our responsibilities towards each other and towards society? It is important to regularly consider this together ánd to take action if necessary. This was reason for the TU Delft Executive Board to establish the “TU Delft Vision on Integrity 2018-2024”. The vision builds on the existing integrity policy and the Strategic Framework 2018-2024. The Vision takes compliance with the Institutions’ duties of care as described in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, that entered into force on 1 October 2018.


Based on a broad range of conversations within TU Delft, a therefore appointed Committee Reassessment Integrity Policy has formulated a draft version of the vision. That draft was discussed during a large working conference on 4 July 2018, for which all members of the TU Delft community (academic and support staff, as well as students) were invited. Based on their feedback and the feedback received in a broad consultation, the committee finalized the Vision.


The Vision contains a set of principles that apply to all at TU Delft, a proposal for a renewed infrastructure for existing and new initiatives concerning integrity, and four working agendas. These working agendas encompass a broad range of plans for e.g. increasing the awareness amongst staff members and students. On of the first outcomes is the new TU Delft Code of Conduct.

Integrity Board

The Executive Board has asked an academic steering committee (the ‘Board of the TU Delft Integrity Office’, in short ‘Integrity Board’), consisting of academics from various Faculties, to monitor the implementation of the working agendas. The steering committee members are:

  • Prof.dr. Sabine Roeser (TPM, chair);
  • Prof.dr.ir. Rinze Benedictus (AE, also Diversity Officer);
  • Prof.dr. Jenny Dankelman (3mE);
  • Prof.dr.ir. Marja Elsinga (ABE);
  • Prof.dr.ir. Merle de Kreuk (CEG);
  • Prof.dr.ir. Pavol Bauer (EEMCS).


Do you have a question to the Integrity Board? Or would you like to be informed by the Integrity Board about major developments, and receive invitations for future events? Then send an email to integrity@tudelft.nl.