Diversity Policy

Diversity and inclusion at TU Delft

People are central to TU Delft. A diverse TU Delft-community contributes to the foundation for achieving knowledge and provides the conditions for the meaningful exploration and exchange of ideas. Moreover, diversity unlocks innovation and drives growth and creativity. Especially at the TU Delft where team work is central, the value of a diverse team, in which team members bring their own, specific strengths is well understood. At TU Delft we promote a balanced and well-integrated population of students and staff, including gender and cultural background. We are also looking broader. After all, diversity is about all aspects in which people differ from each other. These aspects are listed here. Senior leaders, staff, and students are encouraged to embody and embrace the power of differences.

Inclusion is the process of improving the ability to actively participate in university life for academics, support staff, students and guests. Having an inclusive culture that values diversity reduces institutional silo’s and improves information sharing within TU Delft and with other stakeholders. Inclusion improves staff and students positions and participation through enhanced opportunities, access to resources, increased visibility and voice, and respect both individual rights and group rights.

D&I Office

The recently established dedicated Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Office at TU Delft aims at making a sustainable impact on improving campus culture, the demographic composition and in elevating educational standards. The D&I Office will work together with departments and individuals across TU Delft to promote a respectful, accessible and inclusive community for all staff, students and guests. The D&I Office will focus on seven themes.

The D&I Office is currently being formed. A policy advisor will be recruited in the near future to form the office along with the head of office, the diversity coordinator and secretarial support.  In case you want to be in contact about diversity policy and initiatives in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact Tineke Dijkstra, policy advisor on social integrity at the Integrity Office, via: c.a.dijkstra@tudelft.nl.

Diversity Officer

Since September 2020 Prof. David Keyson (professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design and Engineering) has taken up the role of Diversity Officer. For ideas about diversity, you can contact him via diversity@tudelft.nl.