Academic integrity committee

The TU Delft Academic Integrity Committee investigates complaints about suspected violations of academic integrity by an employee of TU Delft, or by another person who is or was working in some other capacity under the responsibility of the university. The procedure is described in the TU Delft Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations.

The Academic integrity committee has, in addition to its task as a complaints body, also a more general task with regard to ethics and academic integrity and therefore also functions as an advisory committee to the Executive Board about ethical aspects, as meant in article 1.7 WHW.

Complaints will be dealt with by three members of the Committee, including the chairman or the vice-chairman. If the complaint relates to matters pertaining to education, a student member will be added to the handling committee.

The Academic integrity committee has the following members:

Prof.dr. M.J. van den Hoven, chairman (TPM)
Prof.dr. C.M. Jonker (EEMCS)
Prof.dr. M. van Ham (ABE) E.C. Slob (CEG)
Prof. dr. ir. J.M.L. van Engelen (IDE)


A complaint can be filed by the committee secretary, coming under the department Legal affairs, preferably in writing attn. Secretary Academic integrity committee, or via This also applies to other contact with the Committee. Secretary is Jan Nuijten LLM.