Code of Ethics

A living document

The university has set guidelines down in a “Code of Ethics TU Delft” (PDF). This Code of Ethics formulates the ideals, responsibilities and rights that should be taken as guidelines for everyone who is part of TU Delft: the academic staff, support staff, guests, and students.

TU Delft strives to be articulate and explicit with respect to its ideals, values, principles and responsibilities and the means it utilises to implement its vision in day-to-day practices, procedures and operations.

The document has been expressly designed as a ‘living document’, which can be continually updated in response to new insights or topical issues.

TU Delft is bound by the Code of Ethics and a number of other specific codes of conduct laid down by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). This Code of Ethics is a supplement to the codes of conduct.