Code of Ethics

TU Delft strives to be articulate and explicit with respect to its ideals, values, principles and responsibilities. The aim of the Code of Ethics is to state our aspirations unambiguously, in such a way that those who are part of the TU Delft community can find inspiration and guidance in them. Also, those who collaborate with employees and students of TU Delft, and those who are about to join its workforce or student body, may better understand the goals of TU Delft and the ethical dilemmas that may play a role in achieving them.

A living document

The Code of Ethics has been expressly designed as a ‘living document’, which can be continually updated in response to new insights or topical issues. The Executive Board has announced in the Vision on Integrity that it is time to update the Code of Ethics, and has requested a working group under the lead of prof.dr. Sabine Roeser (TPM) to do so.

Other codes of conduct

Next to the Code of Ethics, TU Delft is bound to a number of other specific codes of conduct, such as the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and the Code of Good Governance. The Code of Ethics is complementary to these codes of conduct.

Consultation: from ‘Code of Ethics’ to ‘Code of Conduct’

Following the publication of the TU Delft Vision on Integrity 2018-2024 in September 2018, a working group was assigned the task to update the TU Delft Code of Ethics and transform it into a ‘TU Delft Code of Conduct’. Until September 20, 2019, a draft of the new TU Delft Code of Conduct was open for consultation to all students and staff members. The working group expects to present the final Code of Conduct to the Executive Board for their approval in the Fall.

Code of Honour

On the basis of the Code of Ethics, a Code of Honour is developed, that describes what TU Delft offers to its students, and what TU Delft expects from its students. Each student that subscribes to TU Delft receives this Code of Honour. In addition, for contact with international students, the Code of Conduct International Student Higher Education applies.