Codes of Conduct and Regulations

In addition to the Code of Ethics, TU Delft also has a number of regulations relating to the way in which we treat each other and how we should act in certain situations. These include the university codes of conduct drawn up by the VSNU in association with the Dutch universities.

The foremost regulations applying to TU Delft are:

TU Delft Regulations for complaints about undesirable behaviour

Situations involving inappropriate behaviour, such as intimidation (sexual or otherwise), bullying, aggression or conflicts (personal or work-related) are covered by the TU Delft Regulations for complaints about undesirable behaviour. An employee, student or third party who claims to have been subjected to inappropriate behaviour should file a complaint. This will be passed to a complaints committee, which then makes a recommendation to the Executive Board. If necessary, the Executive Board can impose disciplinary measures on the perpetrator. For assistance, advice or support in this area, you can contact one of the confidential advisors at TU Delft. 

Whistleblowers’ Regulations

If the regular measures prove ineffective, TU Delft staff may invoke the Regulations on the reporting of irregularities to report irregularities on the part of the organisation, organisational units or individuals. 

Academic integrity

As a publicly-funded organisation, TU Delft considers integrity and the ethical aspects of the professional behaviour of all its staff and students to be extremely important. To safeguard the quality and autonomy of the policy on integrity a committee has been set up to make recommendations to the Executive Board, TU Delft follows the guidelines laid down in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018) and has its own TU Delft Scientific and Academic Integrity Complaints Regulations. This includes a complaints procedure for situations involving breaches of scientific and academic integrity occurring within the organisation.

See also: other regulations.

VSNU Code of good governance

At TU Delft, the VSNU Code of good governance, which was drawn up and signed by all Dutch universities, provides a framework for transparency and responsibility with regard to university management. More detailed information about compliance with this code is available via the following links: