Robots at Work

We are aiming to understand the issues involved in having robots as part of the workforce. In particular, we want to unpack the dilemma of trying to control a technology that is useful to us, precisely because of its ability to act on its own. We have involved many stakeholders as sources of knowledge: employees, employers, policy makers, politicians, pupils, trade unions and associations and encourage them to speak together. This way we understand their interests, goals, values and driving forces, as well as points of tension and commonality.  

Making robotization work is very much about people collaborating to make this happen

Claudia Werker


The podcast ‘Career advice for Robots’, produced by Hens Zimmerman, moves beyond stereotypes and cliches about robots at work. It tries to do justice to the vivid reality and delightful contradictions of working life - and the struggles of scientists and researchers to deal with that. The members of the Robotics at Work team will take you on a journey that gradually unfolds the dilemma of our human desire to control a technology that is useful to us, precisely because of its autonomy and ability to act on its own. 

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Effective use of robots in the future of work requires a holistic approach, that takes into consideration various perspectives, the systems of work, and the relationships within it

Madelaine Ley

If you are used to doing something in a group of people, and now you do it with a robot, a robot doesn't really talk back. That's how everything is getting more complex. […] Working with robots requires completely different skills for people

Bart Beima, participant


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