Towards a new strategy

TU Delft: fit for the next decade

The TU Delft is working on a new strategic framework for the period 2018-2024. For this we would like the input from our staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders. Upon consultation of twelve advisory groups including deans, directors, students and (scientific)staff, we are now working towards a draft strategy.

Next we would like to give the floor to you: What do you think of this draft text? Which parts do you particularly like? And what would you like to see differently? In a series of ‘open meetings’ we want to discuss adjust and advance the draft-strategy with everyone who is interested: students, PhD’s, (scientific)staff, alumni but also our business partners or members of our regional network.

The Open Meetings are interactive, small-scale meetings that each address a specific strategic theme. Discussions will take place in small groups and in the typical TU Delft way: ‘not just talking, but doing’. The meetings are led by the president of the executive board, Tim van der Hagen.

All nine Open Meetings have now been held. Here you can read a report on the Open Meetings 1 to 4, here you can read a report on Open Meetings 5 to 9.

President Tim van der Hagen explains in this short video message why we feel it is important that people share their insights with us.

News & updates

The president of the executive board Tim van der Hagen has invited everyone to share their thoughts on the future of the TU Delft. Delta-columnist Dap Hartmann accepted the invitation, now Dap and Tim write each other a letter on the future of the university, music and good books every other week.

Read the (Dutch) letters of Dap and Tim here.


“In 2027, will a TU Delft scientist have won a Nobel Prize?”