Towards a new strategy

TU Delft: impact for a better society

This year, the TU Delft worked on a new strategic framework for the period 2018-2024. We have done so with input from our staff, students, alumni and other stakeholders. In total about 600 people cooperated and debated in small groups on what to include in this new strategy.

The resulting document will now be submitted to the Works Council and the Supervisory Board. The final version of the Strategic Framework 2018-2024 is expected to be formally decided upon this autumn. You can read more on the creation of the strategic framework and the related activities here

After the formal decision making process, the work only starts: then we will together give shape to the direction anchored in the framework. 

More information on the current strategy?

Just published: the new Vision on Education:

Vision on Education

Would you like to know more about TU Delft's strategy for the period 2012 - 2017? Please read:

News & updates

During the Open Meetings organised arount the new strategy, Agaath Diemel, copywriter at the TU Delft, interviewed several participants to portrait the people and ideas behind the new strategy. Those portraits are now displayed in a portrait gallery, which can be found here

Correspondence in Delta

President of the executive board Tim van der Hagen invited on this website everyone to join the discussion on the future of the TU Delft. Delta-columnist Dap Hartmann accepted this invitation. The correspondence that followed covered the future of the university but also music and good books. You can read the correspondence of Dap and Tim (in Dutch) here.