Academic Career Track for young academics

TU Delft is looking for PhD graduates with preferably extensive work experience outside of the TU Delft. This could include at least one completed postdoc period or an equivalent research/design portfolio. You have conducted independent research and have the ambition to build a scientific career. We are looking for scientists who fill a broad profile with competencies in education, research, societal impact and innovation, leadership and organization. During the track and further career at the TU Delft you have to opportunity to add accents.

All new asssitant professors in the Academic Career Track start with a temporary employment contract for 18 months, where a permanent employment contract will be offered after a positive evaluation based on confidence in results and development. The Academic Career Track takes a maximum of 8 years. 

During the Academic Career Track it will be determined whether an academic career within TU Delft suits you and whether you could eventually progress to the position of associate professor. Is the evaluation positive? Then you will obtain a position as associate professor. Furthermore, you will have the prospect of advancing to the position of full professor. You will of course have to meet certain criteria. There does not have to be an open position for this.

Does it turn out that an academic career as associate professor at TU Delft is not for you? Then together we will look for a suitable solution based on your qualities, within the broad network of TU Delft or elsewhere. 

Development programme

At TU Delft we believe it is important to train you as an all-rounder and to really invest in you. Throughout the Academic Career Track, TU Delft offers an extensive ACT Development Program, consisting of a wide range of training courses and instruments in all areas of the academic career. On the basis of your ACT Personal Development Plan, and depending on your talents, experiences and preferences, you decide which recommended and in-depth training courses you will follow in addition to the required training courses. You will be supported in this, by your manager/supervisor, mentor, fellow Academic Career Track assistant professors and colleagues.

In the Development Program, you will go through 3 phases:

  1. Onboarding: You become familiar with TU Delft, get to know your working environment and lay the foundation for your development for the coming years.
  2. Mid-term: You learn all aspects of education and obtain your University Teaching Qualification (UTQ). In addition, you will work on your project management skills, learn how to apply for grants and how you can adapt your leadership style and use it in your work.
  3. End-term: You will delve into developing education, work on broadening your research and how to manage a larger team, and develop a sustainable vision of the future in all areas of science.

At the end of the Academic Career Track, you will be ready to make the transition to associate professor.

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories

See what your future colleagues are working on. Read TU Delft Stories