Coming to The Netherlands & TU Delft

The Netherlands

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The Netherlands, which is also known as Holland, is a small country in western Europe with almost 17 million inhabitants. Living in the Netherlands means living in an open-minded society where you can be who you are. The quality of life in the Netherlands is rated high and according to an Unicef report (2013) Dutch children are rated the happiest, when compared with 29 of the world’s richest countries.

Living in the Netherlands will provide you with beautiful landscapes and architecture and plenty of historic buildings, and the Dutch climate will expose you to the four seasons. In the Netherlands you will be living below sea level and as a consequence water is often integrated in the urban images. The Netherlands is a cycling country, so be prepared to find bikes everywhere and also reckon on experiencing the various Dutch traditions that are usually colourful and peacefully celebrated throughout the county during the year.

The City of Delft

Source: Municipality Delft


‘Forget about romantic Paris, bustling Berlin or historic Rome. Delft has it all! See it yourself in a city impression movie.’ 

Located between The Hague and Rotterdam, Delft is a small city with around 100,000 inhabitants, a rich historical background and considerable charm. The city boasts numerous cafés and pavement restaurants alongside the canals and on the squares, original shops, affordable eateries and good cinemas, all within walking distance of each other. Last but not least, you will find the city buzzing with activities such as music festivals and street theatre from spring until autumn.

TU Delft Corporate Film

Source: TU Delft


Within a spirit of free enquiry, teaching and research at Delft University of Technology centre on themes concerning society today. From fundamental research to full-scale application, TU Delft is the home of innovation. Click here to watch the full video.

Coming to Delft

Enthusiastic about the Netherlands and Delft and coming to work at Delft University of Technology? Then we offer you, your partner and your family a warm welcome! Relocating to take up a new position in a new city can involve various challenges, for example advancing your partner’s career, arranging housing, school and nursery, joining the health system, dealing with formalities and finding social activities to participate in. Well, we will be happy to assist you with the procedures and practical matters concerning your arrival in the Netherlands. Welcome to TU Delft’s support site for international employees

We hope this information will help you to prepare for your stay in the Netherlands.