Coming to The Netherlands & TU Delft

Discover Delft in 1 minute – “Forget about romantic Paris, bustling Berlin or historic Rome. Delft has it all! See it yourself in a city impression movie.” 

You are thinking about coming to the Netherlands to work at Delft University of Technology. Coming to live here means leaving behind the familiar, and what will you find here instead? You may know of our country as a little land by the sea, full of windmills, tulips, streets organs and caramel waffles. We are all that, but of course also much more.

According to our internationals, living in Delft is like being on a permanent holiday. It must be the picturesque city center with its many historic buildings, its canals and its beautiful market square that do it. You also couldn’t be more centrally located than in the City of Delft. It’s situated in the Randstad, the metropolitan and industrial conurbation between Amsterdam, Utrecht and the Hague that houses some 7.5 million people.

TU Delft is currently establishing Coming to Delft Services & Partner Career Advice. Aim is to address the needs of newly appointed international employees and accompanying partners and families. Of course, requests from potential candidates in the application process will be in the focus of attention as well.

As relocating for a new position to a new city or country can bring various challenges, topics about which more information will be provided here soon are immigration, a partner’s career, housing, school and nursery, health system, formalities and living and social activities in Delft. Until then, visit this website.

TU Delft is currently establishing the new service Coming to Delft Services & Partner Career Advice (formerly Dual Career Services). We look forward to assisting you soon! Until then, you can contact:

Miranda Karsdorp, Dual Career Advisor
Central International Office | TU Delft  
+31 (0)15 27 84306 of +31 (0)15 27 88012