Challenge and be challenged

The concept of lifelong learning is an essential feature of today’s knowledge economy. TU Delft attaches great importance to the ongoing personal and professional development of its staff.

TU Delft offers both academic and support staff the opportunity to attend a wide range of courses, and will often pay some or all of the costs involved. We draw a distinction between courses which staff are requested to attend further to their professional duties, and those which they opt to attend further to their personal interests. (‘Course’ should also be understood to refer to attendance at a conference or participation in an organised field trip.)

TU Delft makes annual agreements with all staff regarding possibilities for further development. The process is known as the Result and Development (R&D) cycle, the aim of which is to enable all staff to attain their full potential. Alongside the professional and academic requirements of your position at the university, the process devotes attention to personal development and the skills and competences needed to perform well on a day-to-day basis.